InsurTech’s rapidly evolving environment means innovation is both your best growth opportunity and your biggest competitor. Work with a team that can help you win your race.

As competitors develop their offerings and programs, your organization needs to maintain the existing base and grow new offerings. You need a business advisor that can help you on your continuing journey.

Whether your InsurTech is an arm of an existing insurance company, a start-up or an established company, Baker Tilly’s specialists can help your organization throughout its lifecycle to grow quickly, integrate into the industry effectively, comply with industry regulations and be sustainably profitable.

Collaboration of industry and service specialization

No matter which path your organization is on, our professionals have the experience to help you move forward. Your organization will benefit from professionals specialized in industry knowledge (both insurance and the software and technology industries) combined with service area specialization.

Services for your lifecycle stage

In addition to supporting your core financial health through accounting, assurance and tax services throughout your lifecycle, our specialists can help your organization with a wide array of services at each juncture.


Build infrastructure

Product development

Regulatory and capital optimization

GROWTH (Scale and Stabilize)


Process improvement

Continuous R&D

Strategy refinement


Enhance compliance/governance

Continuous growth management

Exit strategy

System and Organization Controls (SOC): A guide to transitioning to the new Trust Services Criteria

System and Organization Controls (SOC): A guide to transitioning to the new Trust Services Criteria

Use this guide's key steps to better understand and prepare for the new criteria requirements.

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Innovation drivers in InsurTech

Innovation drivers in InsurTech

In today’s world, the insurance industry is faced with a perfect storm of opportunity, ability and desire to transform. Customers have seen this transformation happen in other industries, and now expect the insurance industry to follow.

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