Two women review human resource policy


It is important for any organization, large or small, to continue to fine-tune its human resources capabilities by way of training and compliance education.


  1. Ann E. Blakely

    Ann E. Blakely

    Managing Principal

  2. Corey Parker

    Corey Parker



  3. Kim Wylam

    Kim Wylam

    Managing Principal

Human resources compliance is a necessity for any organization. However, in an ever-changing regulatory landscape, it’s difficult to keep abreast of sweeping state and federal legal changes. Not doing so, can be a detriment to your organization and may widen the opportunity for legal risk. Baker Tilly offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to help your organization get compliant and stay compliant.

Here are a few of our service highlights:

  • Identification and adherence of relevant federal, state and local laws
  • Development of record keeping requirements (personnel files, 1-9 forms, background checks, etc.)
  • Review of FLSA classifications
  • Documentation of policies and procedures
  • Mandated training programs