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Industry 4.0 maturity assessment: Building a road map for operational excellence

Industry 4.0 has proven to be a disruptive force in business. Whether organizations are concerned about their supply chain, their talent pool, their pace of innovation, their physical-digital loop or their overall strategy, there is room for concern as well as opportunity. The key factors for success are preparedness and self-assessments associated with an organization’s evolutionary position within the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Maturity models allow organizations to understand their position within the continuum of Industry 4.0.  This understanding will drive the technology and process pursuits to capitalize on the promises of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. These models may cover discrete functions such as quality, planning, scheduling, maintenance or data management, as examples. Ultimately, they should lead organizations to gain insights regarding “wants” versus “needs” regarding how to pursue Industry 4.0 initiatives.

Listen to this webinar from Baker Tilly and Plex Systems, part one of a three-part webinar series, to learn how to build a road map for operational excellence. During this webinar, we’ll share:

  • Defined levels within a maturity model
  • Sample Industry 4.0 maturity models
  • How to differentiate between “needs” and “wants”

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