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Industry 4.0 maturity assessment: Progressing to an improved maturity position

The key driver of Industry 4.0 is technological development. Concepts once thought to be “futuristic” are not only being developed, but are being used today to drive business success. More businesses are using industrial internet of things, artificial intelligence, machine learning and a variety of other tools to increase productivity and efficiency. These newly developed tools can streamline and standardize your operation’s processes and decisions, while collecting data. “Data” may not be a new concept for your business, but the way new technology is gathering, analyzing and applying it at global and enterprise levels is unexplored and constantly changing within the industry.

New technology can greatly cut costs, reduce waste and improve quality, but it is important to determine which tools best align with your strategy in order to drive your success. The right technology should not just support your business, but should also enable transparency, opportunity and growth.

Listen to this webinar from Baker Tilly and Plex Systems for part two of a three-part webinar series, to learn how your organization can progress to an improved maturity position. During this webinar, we’ll share:

  • An overview of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), other Industry 4.0 tools
  • Sample Industry 4.0 tools in use
  • Business benefits of Industry 4.0 tools
  • How to determine which tools and technologies fit your business needs

For more information on this topic or to learn how Baker Tilly specialists can help, contact our team.

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