New Markets Tax Credits and Opportunity Zones as financing options for tribes

The New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) program and the Opportunity Zone (OZ) program were developed to spur investment in low-income communities and your development projects could qualify. Are you ready to take advantage?

View the on-demand webinar discussing how the NMTC and OZ programs work, what types of projects qualify and how to both programs fit into the overall capital structure of a tribal development project.

First, we will walk through how the NMTC program works and why Native communities’ can be qualified candidates for these credits. The presentation will touch on how to recognize eligible projects and how to set-up tribal projects for success.

In conjunction, the OZ program was recently established via the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. This program offers federal tax incentives for investing realized capital gains into qualified projects nationwide. This program benefits both the investor and the project the capital is allocated to.

Tribal communities can benefit from lower-cost capital generated by these programs. We will review how NMTC and OZ funding can fit into your overall capital stack and make development projects a reality. 

After watching this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the basics of how the NMTC program works
  • Analyze what types of projects qualify for NMTC and which do not
  • Position a project for consideration and understand the requirements of the program
  • Learn about the Opportunity Zone program and the potential for tribal projects
  • Identify key financial issues to consider

Download the slides

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