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International Growth Services

Helping organizations attain international market traction, through sourcing strategies, mergers and acquisitions, and regulatory compliance achieving turnkey growth strategy formulation and execution.


Globalization is intensifying. It’s not what globalization will do for your business — it’s what it will do to it. We help put you in control of your global destiny.

    Going it alone?

    Indecision, fear of complexity and misperceptions about costs are keeping too many organizations on the international sidelines when they could be increasing production, realizing new revenue streams and strengthening their overall enterprises.

    We’re here to help.

    The risks of going it alone are indeed significant. But what if there existed a team, a roadmap and a proven process to turn risk into reward — all with low levels of disruption, cost and complexity? In collaboration with Baker Tilly, your organization can respond to globalization head-on, de-risking international growth and obtaining international market traction quickly. Well beyond planning, we implement your vision.

    • Become operational in your target market in the next four to eight months — without adding any full-time members to your team.
    • Replace false starts and costly trial and error with support to significantly increase the international share of your business.
    • Competitively place your products or services in foreign markets in days — not months or years.
    Baker Tilly placed us 200 percent ahead of our growth plan abroad in one-fourth the time compared to an independent effort without their support.
    A. Jones, VP International Growth, S&C Electric

    Turnkey market expansion support.

    Baker Tilly helps organizations move from an untried global growth model to a proven methodology customized to the organization and fully supported through the entire continuum of international market expansion.

    Chart of Baker Tilly's international growth model

    Our solution to growth is bolstered by solid market knowledge, an extensive network of contacts and multilingual advisors with years of country-specific business experience. We break down language and cultural barriers to business and make the world more approachable.

    As leaders in a global accounting and advisory network, we collaborate with colleagues deeply connected throughout the world. Work with our team and immediately you have access to some of the industry’s top professionals, resources and capabilities across 146 countries and territories. With strong emphasis in emerging countries, we have helped organizations access their most sought-after markets.

    [Baker Tilly] accomplished in a short period what would have taken many months and copious resources for our team to achieve. They effectively accelerated our path to increased global growth in a manner far greater than we would have been able to reach by ourselves.
    G. Abusamra, CEO, Oxus America

    We offer a clear path to navigating foreign markets.

    From risk reduction to sourcing strategy development, from planning to full in-country implementation, from mergers and acquisitions to foreign partner due diligence to entity formation, Baker Tilly delivers the right combination of services to operate successfully in the global economy.

    Graphic showing Baker Tilly's services for international growth

     Challenges overcome. Markets conquered.

    No matter where in the process, Baker Tilly has a proven, sustainable growth model for successful expansion into international markets.

    Graphic of how Baker Tilly helps different businesses meet their international growth needs

    ShopperTrak has worked with [Baker Tilly] as we have considered our path forward in Brazil and other LatAm [Latin American] countries. They are an extension of our team, as we navigate the cultural, linguistic, and business nuances of the region. The bottom line: outcomes are faster and more beneficial when both the American company and the potential LatAm partner have [Baker Tilly] as a bridge to forge the best outcome.
    Z. Jarrell, CFO, ShopperTrak