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Nearshoring Services

Helping organizations attain regional and international market traction and evaluate footprint changes, through sourcing strategies, alternative location analysis (nearshoring), mergers and acquisitions and regulatory compliance achieving turnkey growth strategy formulation and execution.

Nearshoring Services

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Cross-border pressures are intensifying. It’s not what they will do for your business — it’s what they will do to it.  Whether you are looking to expand abroad or bring business closer to home, we help put you in control of your operations’ future.

    Going it alone? You need not take on the full burden of risk ...

    International business can be viewed in many different ways, though with a nearly ubiquitous trait in common: high complexity. Broadly speaking, businesses operating internationally are commonly driven by new market expansion (e.g., access to new potential customers through new products and markets) or creating the ability to manufacture products in a more cost-effective manner and sell such products in their home markets. For many, data shows that both cases position companies to achieve maximum growth. 

    Supply chains have been in a state of flux for the last 10 years, but with challenges like the  COVID-19 pandemic and the blockage of the Suez Canal, companies are realizing the importance of understanding their supply chain in an effort to reduce costs and maintain control over their business. Baker Tilly offers a unique approach to helping clients look for manufacturing or assembly capacity outside the U.S., or inversely move operations from overseas closer. With a blend of management, technology and operations consulting knowledge, our professionals have deep industry experience. By leveraging this insight, we have developed a structured approach to help companies migrate existing services,  establish a new facility, implement the proper technology and navigate the changing compliance and regulations that might keep you up at night.


    Baker Tilly helps organizations move from an untried global growth model to a proven methodology customized to the organization and fully supported through the entire continuum of international market expansion.

    Chart of Baker Tilly's international growth model

    Our solution to growth is bolstered by solid market knowledge, an extensive network of contacts and multilingual advisors with years of country-specific business experience. We break down language and cultural barriers to business and make the world more approachable.

    As leaders in a global accounting and advisory network, we collaborate with colleagues deeply connected throughout the world. Work with our team and immediately you have access to some of the industry’s top professionals, resources and capabilities across 148 countries and territories. With strong emphasis in emerging countries, we have helped organizations access their most sought-after markets.

    We offer a clear path to navigating foreign markets.

    From risk reduction to sourcing strategy development, from planning to full in-country implementation, from mergers and acquisitions to foreign partner due diligence to entity formation, Baker Tilly delivers the right combination of services to operate successfully in the global economy.

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    Challenges overcome. Markets conquered.

    No matter where in the process, Baker Tilly has a proven, sustainable growth model for successful expansion into international markets.

    Graphic of how Baker Tilly helps different businesses meet their international growth needs

    ShopperTrak has worked with [Baker Tilly] as we have considered our path forward in Brazil and other LatAm [Latin American] countries. They are an extension of our team, as we navigate the cultural, linguistic, and business nuances of the region. The bottom line: outcomes are faster and more beneficial when both the American company and the potential LatAm partner have [Baker Tilly] as a bridge to forge the best outcome.
    Z. Jarrell, CFO, ShopperTrak