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2023 year-end business tax planning webinar series

2023 year-end tax planning

As we prepare for the start of a new calendar year, our 2023 year-end business tax planning webinar series explored key updates in individual, international, state and local and federal business tax.

Individual tax update

In this engaging session, the individual tax update dove into the Inflation Reduction Act, the Secure 2.0 Act and required minimum distribution changes, recent tax law changes, essential updates on tax credits and deductions and practical tips to help you guide through the complexities of year-end tax planning.

International tax update

Our international tax update covered select key legislative, regulatory, judicial and other developments that present both opportunities and challenges for taxpayers amidst increasing complexity across the global tax landscape.

State and local tax update

The state and local tax update explored the most current and impactful issues regarding state and local income and franchise tax nexus, as well as a general overview of state pass-through entity taxes.

Federal business tax update

The annual federal business tax update focused on developments that affect business entities including corporations, S corporations and partnerships. In addition to discussing the taxation of business entities, this year included discussions on Section 174, the Inflation Reduction Act, tax technology and the legislative and regulatory outlook.

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