Innovation culture

Innovation is not optional. It’s essential.

Today’s business landscape is ever changing and organizations are feeling the pressure to keep up with evolving technologies, economic shifts and talent attraction. The time is now to embrace the unknown and the possibility it brings. Instead of disruption happen to your organization, we’ll work together to spark transformation and innovation in your industry and for your people.

What’s on the horizon? Let’s go there, together.

At Baker Tilly, we believe everyone can be an innovator. By embedding innovation into our professionals’ career experience and our culture, we give people the tools and frameworks to propel their own creativity and advance our firm’s strategic objectives.
Kristen Russell, Managing Director of Innovation and Solutions
Innovation Ignite facilitators

Our purpose in motion

To unleash and amplify talent, we champion active learning opportunities and spark innovation to knock down barriers and eliminate obstacles for our people. One example of our commitment to innovation is Innovation Ignite. This hands-on leadership program empowers our early-career professionals to develop innovation skills, enhance business acumen, uncover solutions to real-world challenges and build relationships across our firm. Take a look!

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Advance or go extinct – how the building blocks of innovation can drive organizational change

Embracing innovation today is an investment in the future of your organization. Take seven intentional steps to harness a culture of innovation to combat rapidly evolving technology, economic shifts and the fight for talent attraction.

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Tomorrow’s opportunities, today

At Baker Tilly we leverage our vast experience across our organization to solve our clients’ most pressing problems and help them seize new opportunities. Join us in creating the CPA Advisory Firm of the Future, Today and be on the forefront of our profession’s evolution.