Working closely with the lifeblood of our U.S. and global economy, we bring insight across the supply chain to improve efficiencies, reduce risk and offer solutions as market disruption continues. Understanding industry trends, combined with Industry 4.0 challenges, enables us to be Valued Business Advisors who help transform insight into positive impact.

    Center for the Return of Manufacturing

    Baker Tilly developed the Center for the Return of Manufacturing (CFRM) in response to rising uncertainty on policy, trade and taxation. The speed with which manufacturers must now adapt to new economies, technology, currencies, regulation and competition sets new benchmarks for manufacturers. The ability to navigate a new world of opportunity places increased pressure on leadership to keep up.

    CFRM serves as a resource for domestic and global manufacturers in growth, operations, technology and international strategies as they compete in the U.S. and abroad. This resource center offers advisory services customized for manufacturers and logistics management. We surround you with professionals who spent part of their career in manufacturing, distribution, engineering and supply chain-focused jobs. Our deeply entrenched industry skills —combined with a focus on accounting, tax and manufacturing advisory services — guarantees your company will work alongside an outstanding team of advisors. We help both U.S.-based and foreign-owned companies anticipate, navigate and better forecast the future.

    Distribution solutions

    Distribution is a fundamental part of the supply chain process. Our experience with wholesale distributors is an integral part of our practice. Our team includes professionals who spent years in the distribution industry and share their applied business experience and acumen.

    Data-driven manufacturer
    The data-driven manufacturer

    Using data analytics to drive business success and outpace the competition

    If your company isn’t leveraging data analytics to help drive business success and outpace your competition, we can help. The data driven manufacturer e-book provides insight into data management and optimization.

    Intelligent Automation for Beverage Distribution

    529 plans – tax and educational savings combined

    Tax Reform Resource Center

    As taxpayers consider the recently enacted tax reform act, subsequent Treasury Department guidance and potential legislative technical corrections, they may find it difficult to sort out what changes actually may mean to them and what they should be doing now.