Construction project leaders review the construction contracting process

A construction contract controls and construction audit webinar series

Construction projects are highly visible, complex undertakings requiring significant financial commitments. Whether you’re spending public or private funds for your construction project, the Construction Audit Toolbox webinar series can help ensure your initiative isn’t costing more than it should.

This webinar series provides auditors, facility administrators, CFOs, and other professionals involved in construction project management with an overview of the construction contracting process, construction project audit checklists and templates, best practices, industry insight, and the tools necessary to get you started.

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Upcoming webinar

Construction fraud prevention

Avoid construction fraud and decrease risk by learning how to identify risk, fraud and financial impacts within the construction environment.

Featured webinars

Performing construction audits during COVID-19 and post-pandemic

Associated risks and construction audit impacts as we continue to perform audits during COVID-19 and in a post-pandemic environment.

Building construction audit checklists

How to develop construction audit checklists and customization guidelines that meet the needs and risk mitigation goals of your construction project.

Building construction audit templates

How to successfully template the most significant information for a construction audit.

Performing construction contract risk analysis

Learn how an owner can mitigate risks with a well-written contract.

Construction project audit basics: Reporting results

Review the process for building consensus around the construction project audit findings, setting a positive tone in the report, and writing for the target audience.

Construction audit essential guide

Previous webinars in this series

Construction contract fundamentals

How internal audit can successfully participate in pre-construction planning activities to help mitigate financial, operational, and compliance risk. A review of the construction lifecycle and responsibilities.

Direct construction cost audit toolbox

Tools and resources for auditing direct construction costs. Case studies from real construction projects to apply the auditor’s toolbox and demonstrate the value of auditing direct construction costs.

Auditing unit priced construction contracts

Assess a unit priced construction contract for project risk and develop an audit program for unit priced projects.

Auditing engineer-procure-construct (EPC) projects

Analyze an EPC contract for risk and plan to audit EPC projects.

Auditing construction contract change orders

Learn how to decompose change orders to expose the underlying pricing strategies and the financial risk associated with each change order.

Auditing mega projects: Assessing project risk

Mega project conditions demand predictive risk mitigation programs to test project management effectiveness, safety program compliance, engineering specification compliance, and non-traditional construction methods from internal audit.

Qualitative analysis: The construction site visit

Identifying and mitigating construction project risk is not limited to the quantitative analysis of project cost data.

Owner’s project controls review

Effective project controls are an organization’s best construction risk mitigation strategy. Through a series of case studies, we illustrate effective and ineffective project control scenarios and how to verify that the project controls environment is performing as expected.

Analyzing contract terms: General requirements

All construction contracts have general conditions provisions. Analyzing these contract terms enables the construction contract auditor to build the project audit program and contribute to on time, under budget project delivery.

Understanding construction litigation strategy

Organizations with continuous capital programs are likely to encounter claims and litigation sooner or later. This presentation will use a case study to guide participants through the lifecycle of a dispute, providing insight to owners from both a plaintiff and defendant perspective.

Detecting, testing, and reporting shifted costs

Cost shifting is the unauthorized transfer of costs from non-reimbursable cost centers to reimbursable cost centers. Reallocated costs are the authorized repurposing of budget dollars resulting from advantageous purchasing practices or efficient delivery of construction services.

Construction contracting: Tips, traps, and terms

Dan Brennan, founding partner of Laurie & Brennan, LLP, rejoins our series to break down the terms and conditions any good construction contract should contain. He provides an overview of terms that can be used which are explicit and protect the owner and contractor from misinterpretation and unintended consequences.

Mitigating construction project risk with construction insurance products

Learn the many insurance options to help mitigate construction project risk. What is the right insurance product for a construction project? When should it be used? And more!

Best practices for project accounting controls

Learn how to keep jobs on time and on budget by analyzing and developing real time controls on complex accounting information such as progress billings, labor hour data and other project records.

Construction project audit basics: Developing an audit program

Review how to write a construction audit plan in today's facility development environment and understand what has changed over the last five years.

Construction project audit basics: Transaction testing

Your construction project audit plan is in place. So now it’s time to determine:

  • Which transactions need to be tested?
  • Are there costs that don’t need to be tested?
  • When should you do a 100 percent sample?
  • What factors drive testing populations and sample sizes?
Accounting for a natural disaster during a construction project

Learn how to account for the remediation expenses of a project under construction after a natural disaster and review the steps to correctly document the insurance claim.

Auditing controlled insurance programs

Learn how controlled insurance programs work and how to audit them to verify program objectives.

Avoiding construction claims and disputes

Normal conflicts occur during construction projects, but when these conflicts turn into unresolvable issues claims and disputes may result. Listen as we uncover ways to resolve and mitigate potential claims.

The next big real estate challenge: Cybersecurity and smart buildings

Game-changing technology in real estate offers tremendous benefits, but is not without risk. Learn more about the risks and actionable security precautions you can take during your development projects.

Construction claims: Part 1: The fundamentals

Every construction project is unique and eventually most experience a construction claim. Join us to learn more about fundamentals of the different types of construction claims and their root causes.

Construction claims: Part 2: Accounting for financial impact

Listen to the second webinar in this construction claims series as we review what procedures are necessary to understand, quantify the potential financial impact and generate a claim.

Construction claims: Part 3: Settlement

This webinar covers examples of claims and court decisions and what your role in the resolution process is.

Auditing fixed price contracts

This webinar covers how auditing fixed price contracts earlier in the development phase can help owner's of real estate prevent unexpected costs and risk.

Auditing public-private partnership (P3) contracts

In this webinar, we review what risks are associated to using public-private partnerships as a funding mechanism in your next development project.

Why do construction projects go wrong?

This webinar explored the root causes and early indicators of issues that can derail a project and lead to relationship failure between an owner and contractor.

Improving construction project ROI

This webinar covers effective strategies to shorten the construction schedule, avoid unnecessary costs and identify potential overcharges.

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