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Manufacturing Project Development Office

Helping manufacturers conceive, assess and execute large capital-spend projects

Understanding the key strategic drivers of a development project is directly related to a successful outcome. We work closely with manufacturers and project owners to establish a business case, identify feasible options, and obtain funding as they plan and execute capital projects, whether they be greenfield facilities, expansions of existing facilities, consolidation, strategic partnership ventures, or even divestitures.

    Implementing successful development projects

    Today more than ever, manufacturers and distributors are looking to create resiliency with a more diversified supply chain and minimize volatility impacts around global trade and economies. This may mean developing new production infrastructure, expanding existing facilities or simply moving suppliers closer to base operations and end customers with reshoring or near-shoring strategy implementation. Our team of specialists have a data-driven, structured approach to helping you achieve higher returns on your capital development initiatives, while minimizing exposure to risk.

    Development projects of any size can be complicated. Successful projects rely on a strong business case developed in the conceptual phase of the development life cycle. Many project owners lack the resources to properly plan and execute these projects. This often results in disillusioned stakeholder and executive teams who are not satisfied with the pace and level of due diligence to meet project objectives around timeline and decision processes.

    The project development office at Baker Tilly works closely with owners to ensure the long-term success of capital investment projects by working through each phase of the development process. We help owners define a strong business case, determine feasible options relating to the owner’s goals, manage contractor negotiations, structure funding, and manage the overall execution of the project to ensure effective decision making throughout each phase. Our desire is to help clients maximize their capital expenditures as they reach their growth goals. These are sequential yet iterative steps that our team can effectively insert our expertise at any point in the process to act as an extension of your project team.

    Baker Tilly's Project Development Office

    We work with manufacturing clients to reach higher returns on their capital developments through informed decision making at each phase of development.