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Advanced Revenue Cycle (ARC®): Transform

The implementation phase

ARC® Transform is an end-to-end revenue cycle optimization service that provides a unique and proprietary approach to create a highly efficient and effective operating model that drives significant financial improvements and reduce operating costs. ARC® Transform also leverages advanced analytics to enable management teams to achieve higher operational and financial performance related to their revenue cycle responsibilities.

    End-to-end revenue cycle optimization

    End-to-end revenue cycle optimization

    Train for knowledge transfer

    We have created an extensive training program that includes customized training material for job and function training as well as constant staff oversight to ensure that the transfer of knowledge is retained.

    Most provider organizations utilize a train-the-trainer approach for both technology and operational trainer, or they might have new employees sit with a more experienced employee to train on specific job functions.

    The problem with both of those is they have shown to provide limited knowledge transfer and retention over time. This causes fragmented activity performance and has a direct impact on financial outcomes. 

    At Baker Tilly, we believe training – on both the specific activities of a job and the proper ways to do the job – are both critical for success.  Furthermore, employee job satisfaction and results are typically driven by how well individual staff are trained.

    Improve management visibility

    Most healthcare provider revenue cycle analytics are reactive and become a focus only after experiencing a negative outcome.

    Establishing a new perspective on managing operations is critical in today’s environment.

    We have deep subject matter expertise on both process management and data management that allows our practitioners to establish improved monitoring capabilities within our clients operations that drive significant financial performance improvement. This allows for advanced insights and our clients are able to be more proactive with mitigating negative financial outcomes.

    Develop automation strategy

    Baker Tilly also incorporates an automation strategy into our Transform service offering. This allows for the application of technologies that drives automation solutions across the spectrum of revenue cycle activities.

    Whether it be robotic process automation, traditional scripting solutions or current technology optimization, we take the time to fully understand a variety of automation opportunities that have material impact on operational outcomes.