Interoperability & System Implementation for Providers

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Baker Tilly helps healthcare providers make better clinical decisions for their patients and families by enabling the exchange of data when, where and how it's needed. Our team of interoperability specialists can assist providers of all types and sizes by delivering customized solutions that integrate systems and enable the seamless exchange of information.

    Empowering providers

    Relationships among patients, healthcare providers and health plans are complex. In addition, over time a patient’s treatment history lives within disparate provider and health plan systems and data repositories. As the industry continues to give patients easier and more secure access to their health records, providers and payers of all sizes are continuing to implement and optimize the process of exchanging data between different systems.

    At Baker Tilly, we help providers of all sizes bridge the gap in interoperability across the continuum of care, ensuring providers have access to patient information when they need it. Our team has more than a decade of experience providing custom solutions that can connect your systems and devices, so they operate as one seamless environment.

    Baker Tilly provides the experience and solutions needed to meet increased demands for connectivity. Whether you need an assessment of your current environment or a full-scale strategic plan to replace your environment, our team of interoperability experts can help. Our advisory services include:

    • Interoperability assessment: Knowing what you have is the first step in achieving your future goals. Our team can help your organization explore technology platforms and workflows, as well as assess the capabilities and skill gaps of your IT team.
    • Strategic planning: Our specialists can help chart the course to achieve your goals. A detailed roadmap will serve as an essential guide to maximizing your technology investments and ensuring your practitioners have the essential information they need.
    • Integration engine selection: When you have outgrown your current systems, our vendor agnostic professionals will help determine the right solution for your future needs. No one engine is the solution for all clients, and we will help you determine which integration engine best meets your current and future needs.

    Our interoperability and systems integration team possesses a depth of experience with the top performing integration engines in the marketplace. Most of our consultants are trained and certified in two or more engines. We are constantly assessing new products to determine how they may benefit our customers and training our team with those new products. Our engine proficiencies include:

    • InterSystems IRIS / HealthShare Health Connect / Ensemble
    • Lyniate Corepoint and Rhapsody
    • Infor Cloverleaf
    • NextGen Mirth
    • Cerner OpenLink, Open Engine and FSI
    • Epic Bridges and Chronicles
    • Allscripts eLink
    • TIBCO
    • MuleSoft
    • iNTERFACEWARE Iguana
    • Health Catalyst

    Our team will also support you from engine installation through upgrades and optimizations. We can provide as-needed counsel, 24/7 support of your environment, or affordable hosting and support services. We will tailor our offerings to meet your specific needs.

    Baker Tilly is highly skilled at designing and building interfaces to seamlessly connect disparate systems, devices and facilities to enable data exchange. Whether you are seeking HL7 FHIR interfaces or custom APIs, we have you covered. Our team of award-winning experts are true developers with extensive coding and healthcare experience. Most of our developers are trained and certified in two or more engines.

    Healthcare providers require readily accessible data to make critical decisions for patient care. Our interoperability and systems integration professionals have the skills and experience to identify and resolve issues with data (e.g., duplicate records and discrepancies). We will also help format your data to your specifications (e.g., CCDA/CCD, XML, JSON, SOAP, etc.) so that it is readable by systems and providers alike.

    Baker Tilly has more than a decade of supporting new system implementations and the related data migration initiatives from the legacy system to the new system in the required format. We have also successfully worked with numerous legacy vendors, such as GE, eClinicalWorks, MEDITECH and Allscripts to extract valuable and necessary patient data and migrate it to your new electronic medical records (EMR) or document management system.

    Doctor analyzing patient data on a tablet

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    Oct. 13, 2022 | This pairing brings together technology and implementation excellence to provide greater operational efficiencies, and an enhanced patient and caregiver experience

    Experience matters

    Uniquely skilled consultants

    Our interoperability and system integration professionals are accomplished, long-term employees. On average, they possess 15 years of healthcare IT experience and are experienced in two or more engines. We also invest extensively in employee development to ensure you receive the benefit of their cutting-edge skills.

    Engine agnostic offerings

    We are deeply skilled in many engines. Whether you use InterSystems, Lyniate Rhapsody or Corepoint, Infor Cloverleaf, NextGen Mirth, or other prevalent engines in healthcare IT, we have the experience to support your environment. We appreciate that no one engine is the right answer for every healthcare organization.

    We speak your language

    Our team is current with healthcare standards. We are also experienced in HL7 v.2, v3/FHIR, v4/FHIR and SMART on FHIR. We understand that information is only helpful if it is in a format that is accessible and readable. We know CCDA/CCD, XML, JSON, and SOAP, to name a few formats.

    Comprehensive interoperability specialists across a wide range of systems

    “When I think of integration, I immediately thing of Baker Tilly. Every consultant who has come to us is really an A+ player.”
    – Director, health system client