Advanced Revenue Cycle: Evaluate

The diagnostic phase

During the Evaluate phase, Baker Tilly will conduct a baseline review of your current performance, compare that to industry best practices, and assist in the development of a strategic roadmap in order to achieve higher levels of net revenue, improved cash flow and reduced operating expense.

    The Baker Tilly team will use the technique of triangulation which will identify:

    • opportunities in your current revenue cycle operations management & staff capabilities,
    • efficiency of current work processes & technology enablement, and
    • an advanced analytical review

    to understand where improvements can be achieved.

    Once these opportunities are identified, we will work together to architect a strategic transformation plan to improve the financial outcomes of revenue cycle activities and provide value to the entire organization.

    Assessment methodology and approach

    • Conduct a thorough review of the major activities of revenue cycle operations
    • Review through interviews, observations and data analysis the client’s compliance with various reimbursement conditions related to proper and timely payment for services rendered
    • Understand the revenue cycle organizational structure and opportunities to remove redundancies
    • Conduct automated processing option review to determine if the allocation of work is optimized to reduce human error, improve timeliness, improve outcomes and determine appropriate staffing levels