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Advanced Revenue Cycle (ARC®): Evaluate

The diagnostic phase

ARC® Evaluate is a revenue cycle operations diagnostic solution that enhances business value from revenue cycle operations by identifying an achievable path to performance improvement. It is driven by our proprietary approach that incorporates an analytic driven viewpoint developed by practitioners with deep revenue cycle subject matter expertise. We evaluate opportunities to drive improved cash flow, increase annual net revenue reimbursement and reduce cost to collect through automation and staff reallocation. 

    Enhancing value from revenue cycle operations

    ARC® Evaluate assists in our goal to enhance our clients’ value through improved revenue cycle performance. With the primary focus on value improvement, Baker Tilly takes a unique approach to constructing a roadmap to operational enhancements.

    Thorough data diagnostic of major functional areas

    ARC® Evaluate is built to diagnose breakdowns within the core functions of revenue cycle and provide insight into all critical operational outcomes. This allows the solution to identify opportunities to improve net revenue, reduce excess costs and improve cash performance from the following areas:

    • Pre-registration                
    • Registration       
    • Financial counseling      
    • Charge management      
    • Unbilled management
    • Self-pay follow-up
    • Third-party follow-up
    • Denial management
    • Credit management

    Key solution value

    ARC® Evaluate provides a healthcare provider’s management team with the ability to:

    ARC Evaluate key solution values

    ARC® Evaluate Diagnostic

    Built by practitioners for practitioners 

    Patient access process rejection analysis

    • Understand process level first pass payer rejections to identify process breakdowns
    • Allow Natural Language Generation to identify deeper trends related to specific procedures or service areas

    Billing FTE analysis

    • Evaluate appropriate staffing levels once improvements are achieved and identify the potential cost impact

    Third party A/R analysis

    • Determine if the current A/R snapshot is within industry standards and the cash flow impact of negative performance
    • Use the power of Natural Language Generation to quickly determine “hot spots” of accounts that may be in jeopardy of untimely filing