American Rescue Plan solutions

  1. Amanda R. Blomberg

    Amanda R. Blomberg


    Managing Director

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    Principal Emeritus

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    Jolena Presti

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    Jeff Messer


Buildings, both historic and modern, in a city

American City & County: Indiana city leverages Rescue Plan funds for long-term, immediate community benefit

The city of La Porte, Indiana, used ARP funds for long-term gains and a short-term win – hosting ESPN’s National Interscholastic Basketball Conference. Baker Tilly Municipal Advisors Partner Eric Walsh, CPA discusses how this slam dunk can serve as a model for communities.

American Rescue Plan services

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Our team offers the following advisory and accounting solutions to help you maximize this historic funding opportunity:

  • Comprehensive ARP financial, operational and organizational consulting
  • Strategic funding assessment and prioritization with our ARP ACTion application
  • Revenue loss calculations
  • Audit preparation and compliance, including single audit and Yellow Book compliance
  • Regulatory reporting and compliance with U.S. Treasury and state-specific guidance
  • Cash management and investment strategies
  • Strategic funding planning, including grant application writing, review and management

Governments may decide to use a portion of their ARP Fiscal Recovery Funds (FRF) to pay for consulting services. Our FAQ provides answers to commonly asked questions on rules governing FRF funds.

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Build your American Rescue Plan funding strategy with ARP ACTion

Baker Tilly’s ARP ACTion application provides a customized strategic funding report that can be shared with elected officials, department heads and community members.