HR and tax road map provides path to state compliance

Employer State Compliance Roadmap

The Employer State Compliance Roadmap is a subscription-based resource guide designed to provide access to each state’s human resources (HR) and payroll compliance requirements.

Manage multistate HR and payroll compliance

It’s no secret that the pandemic changed the way we live and work, pushing many employers to embrace remote and hybrid work environments, with some employers hiring outside of their regular geographies for the first time. Now, companies must contend with managing payroll and human resources (HR) compliance requirements in every location that their company operates or in which an employee works. 

The Employer State Compliance Roadmap (Roadmap) provides access to each state’s payroll and HR compliance requirements in an easily accessible and searchable state-by-state database. For organizations with employees working in multiple states, the Roadmap is an easy solution to a complex situation – providing critical HR and payroll information on a state-by-state basis in one convenient location to help you ensure multistate compliance. 

Roadmap overview

Each state has its own page in the Roadmap, featuring two pillars of information: HR and payroll. Both pillars contain critical information and details on what you need to know for each state’s compliance requirements, including:

Human resources

  • Benefits
  • Discrimination
  • Hiring and staffing
  • HR administration
  • Leave of absence and time off
  • Pay/wage/hour
  • Unemployment compensation


  • Tax and withholding charts and information
  • Registration
  • Forms
  • Rules and requirements

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Roadmap FAQ

  • Is the Roadmap right for my company?
  • How does the Roadmap work?
  • What are the benefits of purchasing a subscription to the Roadmap?
  • How often is the information updated?
  • What are my subscription options?
  • Once I have a subscription, can I substitute one state for another?
  • Is there a limit to the number of users I can include?

Is the Roadmap right for my company?

Yes! If your company does business in one state, multiple states or every state; has employees located only at the headquarters location or has individuals spread coast-to-coast; and/or has remote or hybrid employees, the Roadmap can save you time and resources. 

The Roadmap is a one-stop HR and payroll compliance solution that contains state-by-state information to help keep you in compliance. Our bundles offer a variety of subscription options and the information is updated quarterly so you know you always have the latest information for reference.

How does the Roadmap work?

The Roadmap is a subscription-based database that summarizes essential payroll and HR compliance information for all 50 states and Washington, D.C. When subscribing, you have the option to select which states you need access to for your business. These may be states you are currently operating in or have employees in today, states you know you will have a presence in the future or states you are considering for expansion. You simply tell us which states you need and once subscribed, you’ll have access to each of those states through your selected bundle.

Each state page is split into two tabs of information: HR and payroll. The information is organized by topic, is easy to read and provides you with the information you need to navigate a wide variety of state compliance topics.

For more information and to see how the Roadmap works, explore our demo or request to learn more with one of our specialists.

What are the benefits of purchasing a subscription to the Roadmap?

The Roadmap offers subscribers a comprehensive payroll and HR solution that provides guidance for understanding the ever-changing landscape of multistate compliance and managing a remote or hybrid workforce. The Roadmap offers critical summary information in plain language that can give employers confidence in managing multistate compliance situations.

Subscribing to the Roadmap gives you a wealth of knowledge in one convenient location, helping save you time and resources.

How often is the information updated?

Baker Tilly specialists update the information quarterly. The Baker Tilly team is constantly monitoring the states for HR and payroll regulatory updates. In addition to updating the Roadmap on a quarterly basis, the team will be distributing a comprehensive list of updates to all subscribers via email. This will allow you to quickly scan for updates in your state(s) and then check the Roadmap for additional information. If there are updates that subscribers need to be made aware of more quickly, we will post those in the Roadmap using the teal banners at the top of the HR and Payroll pages in each state. Depending on the urgency of the regulatory change(s), we may also distribute a separate communication to subscribers.

What are my subscription options?

There are multiple subscription options to fit a variety of needs. Subscriptions are bundled as follows:

  • 1 state: $800/year
  • 2 to 5 states: $1,500/year
  • 6 to 15 states: $3,500/year
  • 16 or more states: $5,000/year

Each subscription comes with two user licenses. Extra licenses can be purchased for $500 per license. If you subscribe to the Roadmap at one bundle level and require more states in the future, you can update your subscription to fit your needs.

Once I have a subscription, can I substitute one state for another?

No, you cannot. The states you choose when you first subscribe are included in your bundle and cannot be switched out. If you need to add more states, you can upgrade your subscription accordingly.

Is there a limit to the number of users I can include?

Your subscription includes user access for two individuals. You can add additional users for $500 each, per year.

Can the Roadmap help your organization?

Not sure if your specific HR or payroll situation requires the Roadmap? Baker Tilly’s HR and payroll specialists have developed a short assessment designed to ask you specific questions about your business to help determine if the Roadmap could be a valuable tool for you and your organization. Get started below!