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Beyond the paycheck: top benefit trends for 2024

Human resources (HR) trends from 2023 continue into 2024, especially those around work patterns, including remote and hybrid work as well as back-to-office initiatives. New trends involving health and women as well as artificial intelligence (AI) are also emerging.

Baker Tilly Vantagen managing partner, Kim Wylam, authored an insightful article for HR.com about the top benefit trends for 2024. Some of the trends the article covers include:

  • Flexible benefit offerings
  • Remote work as well as return to office amenities
  • Mental health benefits
  • Learning and development

Key takeaways from the article

  • Expect the trend of flexible benefit offerings to continue.
  • Remote and hybrid work perks continue to be touted in the highly competitive job market.
  • Conversely, to encourage employees to come back to the office, many companies are increasing their in-office perks, such as implementing casual dress codes or providing catered meals.
  • Companies are also broadening their financial health initiatives, offering programs like student loan repayment and increased company matches for retirement plans.
  • Upskilling, reskilling and internal mobility are becoming a bigger priority.
  • Mental health benefits also remain a prominent component of employee benefit packages and are especially popular with younger workers.
  • There is an increasing focus on women’s health, particularly around fertility, adoption and surrogacy assistance, the latter two of which could be seen as a competitive benefit for recruiting and retention.
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