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Data Solutions

Capturing the data that matters most and bringing it into focus is no trivial matter. Rely on our experience to drive your business forward.

Is your organization equipped with the right data solutions to capitalize on the mountains of data that are out there? It’s an essential early step in your transformation. At Baker Tilly, we help our clients derive value from data, whether it’s through advanced machine learning, data visualization or working to implement new data processes for a “single source of truth.”

    Data solutions services

    Every day, companies like yours are using data to make informed decisions. It’s essential to understanding what your next steps should be. Baker Tilly works to create and implement the right strategies to ensure our clients become insight-driven organizations. Let us bring the clarity you need to continue your digital transformation.

    For most organizations, there’s no shortage of data to inform decisions. The challenge lies in prioritizing data and putting it into action. Baker Tilly has organized the major components of a data strategy into four pillars: people, process, technology and organization. After assessing how your company performs in each area, we’ll help you develop a targeted plan to improve the effectiveness of your data.

    We develop actionable insights to critical business challenges by understanding key audiences of information and how the data is interpreted to make better decisions. This also involves applying best practices for visually appealing and informative visuals.

    Our team of professionals envision, design, build and deploy modern high-performing data analytics solutions in the cloud at enterprise scale.

    We ensure the information decision-makers are using across an organization is accurate and of the highest quality.

    Our professionals plan and develop solutions to automate data processing and analysis. These solutions include machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), cognitive services, content and search analysis, and natural language processing (NLP).

    We set the direction for your organization’s success, whether companywide, or even by business unit or functional group. In assessing where you are and charting the course for where to go next, you’ll have the clarity and confidence to create a road map for a winning corporate strategy.

    Our technology alliances


    Baker Tilly and Microsoft Azure are collaborating to bring together foundational knowledge of cloud services with a cloud computing service focused on the digital future. Baker Tilly’s Microsoft Azure’s team can modernize cloud operations for organizations through open-source technologies that allow businesses to optimize costs, meet the ever-changing consumer demand, streamline operations through advanced analytics. Other services include:

    • Cloud, data and apps
    • Cloud solution planning and deployment
    • Application development and platform modernization
    • Data strategy, data analytics solution development
    • Machine learning, cognitive search, cognitive services, bot services, data bricks, Kinect DK
    • Cloud modernization


    Baker Tilly and Snowflake are collaborating to allow businesses to ask bigger questions with their data to scale and grow their operations. Snowflake is a cloud-based data warehousing application and SaaS offering that enables businesses to reduce their operational constraints through data-intensive applications.

     Snowflake’s compatible and scalability allows users to interface with the software according to their business needs. Baker Tilly’s knowledgeable professionals have experience implementing the software across various verticals. We listen to our clients' business goals, analyze their data and establish an implementation road map to bring unity to their operations. Other services include: 

    • Data warehouse modernization
    • Cloud data warehousing/platform
    • Data science and advanced analytics
    • Cloud integration/cloud deployment
    Contact us and we’ll help you find the right data solutions.