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Building an equitable economic development ecosystem that empowers underrepresented stakeholders to thrive. 

At Baker Tilly’s DevelUP, we transcend traditional conference boundaries. More than just an event, we are a dynamic movement that unites professionals and stakeholders from commercial real estate, economic development, and private and public capital. 

With a passion for equity and opportunity, this event goes hand in hand with our underrepresented developer services offering. Our comprehensive set of services directly addresses the barriers to entry that many underrepresented developers face, including limited access to capital, establishing key relationships in the industry and acquiring the necessary education and knowledge to thrive in commercial real estate.  

Featured speakers

We were pleased to be joined by these industry titans at our 2024 event!

LaForce Baker

Vice President, World Business Chicago

Maggie Beckley

Development Executive, Healthcare, Mortenson

Robert Byron

Chairman, Co-CEO, Co-Founder, Blue Vista Capital Partners

Daryl Carter

CEO, Avanath Capital Management

Collete English Dixon

Executive Director, Marshall Bennett Institute of RE, Roosevelt University

Chris Senegal

President, Invictus Development Group

2024 DevelUP

2024 DevelUP was filled with more than 70 speakers and 15 topics over a day and a half. Topics included:

  • State of the market
  • Building sustainable community,
  • Inflation Reduction Act overview
  • Building equitable entrepreneurial ecosystems
  • Leveraging New Market Tax Credits for community impact and transformation
  • Capacity building and capital access best practices for diverse developers

And much more!

Why you should attend the next DevelUP



Gain access to capital and resources.



Build meaningful business development and key industry relationships.



Learn from best-in-class business professionals.

Thank you to our 2024 sponsors!

DevelUP 2024 sponsors

Matt Paschall

"We are shaping the future of our industry by building an inclusive
economic ecosystem that empowers diverse stakeholders across the country."

Matt Paschall, Baker Tilly National Program Manager - DevelUP

Hear what attendees have to say about DevelUP

"Over the years I was looking for resources and developers to learn from and help me get started on my own. Not a lot of people had the time or interest to lend a hand. The DevelUP conference is an amazing resource that you should attend. There are people and resources that are helping and continue to help underserved communities and they'll be there."

"Innovating, inspiring and instrumental. Looking forward to returning next year."

"Baker Tilly is leading on a very important movement. Honored to have been part of the great event."

"Baker Tilly's commitment to advancing racial equity in real estate is clearly making meaningful impact. It was an inspiring event and I was grateful to be a part of it."

"This event has given me a new perspective on the collaborative efforts being made by Baker Tilly and community organizations to change the face of investors in our city."