Two 2022 DevelUP affordable housing workshop attendees

BuzzHouse: Anticipating Atlanta! The buzz around the 2023 DevelUP: affordable housing workshop

Baker Tilly's podcast series specifically for professionals in the multifamily housing industry.

Our hosts Don Bernards and Garrick Gibson welcome back Baker Tilly’s Matt Paschall, program director of the DevelUP initiative. The goal of DevelUP is to bring underrepresented housing and commercial real estate professionals together to equip them with the resources and relationships they need to be successful. Matt’s vision is to help these professionals mitigate barriers to capital, social capital and subject matter expertise and create meaningful connections. As this year’s DevelUP workshop inches closer, Matt dives into detail on what you can expect from the workshop taking place this year in Atlanta. Learn more about the workshop’s session topics, speaker roster and the community initiatives surrounding the event.

Learn more about the 2023 DevelUP: affordable housing workshop

Special guest

Matt Paschall, Program Director of the DevelUP initiative | Baker Tilly

Matthew Paschall is the National Program Director of DevelUP at Baker Tilly. In this role, Matt is responsible for providing crucial insights and guidance on building a diverse and inclusive client base and workforce. A strategic thinker and agile leader, he has demonstrated the ability to form partnerships both internally and externally while amplifying the needs of underrepresented entrepreneurs and the communities they serve. Matt is recognized for his visionary thought leadership, relationship building, authentic communication style, and dynamic collaboration skills. He has the unique ability to effectively connect with employees at all levels of an organization and is a catalyst in ensuring that DEI is seen as a business imperative.

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