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BuzzHouse: Compassionate capitalism and an innovative housing model in blighted communities

Baker Tilly's podcast series specifically for professionals in the multifamily housing industry.

On this episode of BuzzHouse, host Garrick Gibson is joined by a titan who uses her influence in the affordable housing industry for the greater good: real estate asset manager, investor, author, affordable housing solutionist and “compassionate capitalist” Marjy Stagmeier. Also joining the show is Matt Paschall, program lead of Baker Tilly’s DevelUP Initiative. Marjy speaks to Garrick about how she led her company, TriStar, to develop its sustainable housing model. She also talks about her efforts to forge partnerships to reduce tenant transiency, and her new book “Blighted.” Matt also shares the story of how he met Marjy while planning this year’s annual DevelUP: affordable housing workshop.

Special guest

Margaret Stagmeier, Founding Partner | TriStar, LLC

Marjy Stagmeier is an affordable housing solutionist and a champion of an equitable education-housing model, owning or managing over 3,000 apartment units. She is a founding partner of TriStar, a nationally recognized real estate investment firm in Atlanta. Stagmeier led TriStar to develop its sustainable housing model that targets blighted and marginalized apartment communities near failing elementary schools. In addition to creating equitable workforce housing, Stagmeier and TriStar’s pioneering partnerships with educators, medical professionals, municipalities, non-profits and foundations are reducing tenant transiency and improving outcomes through free after-school programs and summer camps, access to affordable health care and community gardening.

Matt Paschall, program lead of the DevelUP initiative | Baker Tilly

Matthew Paschall is the program lead of DevelUP at Baker Tilly. In this role, Matt is responsible for providing crucial insights and guidance on building a diverse and inclusive client base and workforce. A strategic thinker and agile leader, he has demonstrated the ability to form partnerships both internally and externally while amplifying the needs of underrepresented entrepreneurs and the communities they serve. Matt is recognized for his visionary thought leadership, relationship building, authentic communication style, and dynamic collaboration skills. He has the unique ability to effectively connect with employees at all levels of an organization and is a catalyst in ensuring that DEI is seen as a business imperative.

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