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Digital Strategy

Seeing the big picture, understanding your “why” and charting a course for enduring success. Meet your digital compass and navigators.

Digital Strategy

You want to know the value of digital transformation. The fact is, it’s so much more than just the technology. It’s about understanding the way technology influences your future state and how to prepare your organization for the impact it will bring. Baker Tilly is here to lead you with strategic assessment tools and road maps to help guide your organization to choose digital solutions that deliver lasting impact. Our digital strategy team offers proven experience and structured approaches to lower program risk, enable organizational change, and optimize business outcomes from the transformation.

    Choose an ally who can help you avoid the pitfalls.

    Chances are, you know your digital transformation is critical. But without the right guide helping you manage the many moving parts, successful execution can be difficult. Consider some of these recent statistics:

    • Over 90% of companies are using technology to modernize their existing business model vs. transforming it. (Forrester, 2020)
    • By 2023, 50% of organizations will neglect market-driven operations, losing market share to competitors that made the investments, as well as to new digital market entries. (IDC, October 2020)
    • Only 16% of organizations say their digital transformations have successfully improved performance and equipped them to sustain it long term. (McKinsey Global Survey, October 2018)
    • 28% of respondents said digital transformation projects have gone over budget and 33% overran the planned timeline. (IFS, 2020)

    With outcomes like these, companies need a team of reliable, strategic professionals with knowledge and experience in all aspects of enterprise transformation. Baker Tilly’s transformation services helps organizations avoid these issues. With more than 100 “health checks” performed for large, complex transformation initiatives, we’re adept at helping companies assess the current state of their projects and providing road maps for improvement.

    The transformation journey goes beyond the technology.

    We know your transformation journey will be unlike any other company’s. So we work with you to understand your specific organizational needs — listening and asking the right questions — then meeting you where you are today with the digital solutions that can deliver game-changing efficiencies and better customer experiences tomorrow.

    We develop an understanding of your businesses vision for the future state of the organization. We work with you to consider current capabilities against future state needs, understand the organization’s readiness for change and ultimately develop a strategic road map for achievement of your business goals.

    After understanding your organization’s transformational goals, Baker Tilly can facilitate the evaluation of your current technology to identify any gaps in existing capabilities. We then guide you through the selection of key technology to fill gaps, whether it’s an extension to your current solution, procurement of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions or identifying the appropriate “build” situation.

    We begin by understanding your organization’s current program capabilities, then work with you to establish the appropriate methodologies, governance and measurement processes to support execution of your enterprise transformation programs.

    We consider the changes necessary to successfully navigate the complexity of organizational transformations. We design and implement organizational readiness programs that drive the organization towards the common transformation goals, ultimately helping to drive the value realization of your digital transformation goals through adoption.

    Contact us and we’ll help you transform your organization.