Case Study

Higher education system integrates change management throughout universities

Case Study

Higher education system integrates change management throughout universities

Client background

The client is a higher education system comprised of 14 universities with more than 93,000 degree-seeking students and thousands more enrolled in certificate and other career-development programs. The client implemented a redesign effort to develop a single integrated university that provides high-quality, affordable postsecondary education at six partner campuses.

The business challenge

Over the past decade, the higher education industry has faced economic challenges such as: reduction in enrollment and applications, decrease in high school graduation rates and financial constraints. To adhere to these economic challenges and better serve students, the client launched a system redesign effort. The client engaged Baker Tilly to work closely with university leadership to adopt a strategic approach to support the integrating universities. This effort is designed to:

  • Expand academic program offerings and program alignment
  • Invest in new areas to serve new students and reduce administrative costs
  • Increase cost savings and fiscal sustainability

The Baker Tilly approach

We provided the methodology and resources to help the integrating universities through their journey by tailoring change management activities to align to the needs of the institutions. As part of our phased change management support, Baker Tilly continues to provide:

  • Assessment of current management needs and organizational change management maturity
  • Building organizational and leadership change management knowledge and capabilities
  • Leading change management strategy and planning in a phased approach
    - Phase I: change management strategy, stakeholder analysis, stakeholder management strategy, communications strategy, readiness assessments/pulse check

The business impact

As a result of Baker Tilly’s change management support, the client has achieved the following:

  • Creating change management strategy and execution consistency
  • Developing change management capabilities and competencies at an organizational and empirical level
  • Assessing and understanding stakeholders’ organizational readiness
  • Building a foundation for stakeholder communication
  • Helping to accelerate the strategy, development and planning for Phase II
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