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Transactional Insurance

Providing accurate and reliable analysis of the value of claims made under transactional insurance policies.

Transactional Insurance

  1. Stuart Hogan

    Stuart Hogan



  2. Matthew R. Morris

    Matthew R. Morris

    CFA, CLP

    Managing Partner

  3. Catherine Rawlin

    Catherine Rawlin

    FCA, MAE, MCIArb


Each M&A transaction is different – and the same goes for the issues that give rise to claims made under transactional insurance policies; no two are the same. They each are the result of a unique set of circumstances that require detailed investigation, clarity of understanding and explanation and thorough quantification.

    Baker Tilly’s experienced forensic accountants and consultants work closely with insurance, legal and corporate professionals to provide detailed analysis of the value of Representations & Warranties (R&W) and Warranty & Indemnity (W&I) insurance policy claims.

    Our services

    • Desktop review at underwriting stage - We provide initial high-level input to assist underwriters in preparing the questions for, and evaluating the answers from, their calls or meetings with the insured, as part of insurers’ due diligence procedures. This can include specific questions designed to identify, define and quantify key valuation issues which may assist underwriters in considering certain areas of risk within the policy.
    • Case management assistance - We help identify the relevant documents and information required to develop the case strategy and provide a basis for presenting or defending a claim.
    • Initial review and technical assessment of claim - We work collaboratively with clients to assist in the initial understanding and applicability of specific representations and warranties in the context of the transaction and help assess the merits and liability of a claim from a valuation, accounting standards and financial perspective.
    • Quantification of claim - Drawing on our experience in business valuation, the quantification of losses in our corporate, litigation, insolvency and insurance practice areas, and our expert witness services, we are able to independently quantify damages arising from an alleged breach so as to put the claimant back in the same position as if no breach had taken place.
    • Presentation of findings - We provide verbal or short written analysis of our findings, produce either high-level or detailed written reports as required or provide expert witness reports and oral testimony for ADR, Tribunal or Court in the event of legal dispute.