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In Seattle and the greater Pacific Northwest, we serve the unique and far-ranging needs of affluent families, closely held and family businesses, entrepreneurs and executives.
We start each and every client relationship with one thing – listening. We get to know you, understand your needs and concerns, as well as the challenges and opportunities you face. Together, we bring your goals into focus and then we hit the ground running for you
Kelly Nelson, Managing partner
Kelly Nelson
Family business planning meeting

Three gaps an owner must monitor

Business owners need to be aware of three important gaps – the profit gap, the value gap and the wealth gap – in order to effectively evaluate the business and plan for a successful exit.

Team of advisors analyzes data

Outsourcing your accounting function: making data-driven decisions while saving time and money

Outsourcing your accounting function can transform the way you manage financial data by automating standard accounting tasks, providing real-time information on KPIs, offering targeted insight on specific industry trends and granting access to top-level accounting talent when you need it.

Protect your legacy with an estate plan

Read our article for insight on how you can protect and preserve your legacy with a proper estate plan.

Consultants review software development code

Innovation culture – jumpstarting new ideas to drive organizational success

Innovation occurs when an organization does something new or different that creates value. Creating a culture of innovation is essential for organizations.