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CECL next steps: parallel runs and model validations

In response to the CECL adoption requirements mandated for Jan. 1, 2023, many banks have already chosen which CECL method is right for their institution. To gain confidence in your choice, our Value Architects™ are working to help you navigate your CECL model validation needs which are often extensive and intimidating.

Watch the final webinar in our CECL series in which Baker Tilly’s Ivan Cilik and Sean Statz discussed best practices for CECL model validations so your organization can feel assured in your results, stress testing and appropriate level of documentation.

Learning objectives:

  • Regulatory expectations for CECL model validations
  • Key segments of CECL processes that should be validated
  • Dos and don’ts of a value-added model validation
  • Benefits of a replication approach to a model validation
  • Parallel runs and stress-testing
  • Importance of validating your model prior to implementation
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