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CECL implementation DCF model: understanding the ins and outs of CECL models

In response to the new current expected credit loss (CECL) requirements mandated for 2023, our team of Value Architects™ are working to help banking institutions navigate CECL implementation. The data requirements, multiple methodologies, forecast considerations and validation needs can be extensive and intimidating, and institutions oftentimes have to start from scratch.

Watch the second webinar in our CECL series where Baker Tilly’s Ivan Cilik, Matt Nitka and Sean Statz discussed best practices in implementing the discounted cash flow (DCF) methodology. Our team will help you understand the DCF method and how you can use current processes and systems to aid in your CECL implementation efforts.

Learning objectives:

From watching this webinar, you will gain an understanding of:

  • How to determine if the DCF approach is reasonable for your institution
  • Key steps in implementing a DCF analysis method
  • Data requirements needed to support the DCF method
  • Resources and technology needed for implementation
  • A demonstration of a DCF CECL method
  • Review future benefits, limitations and shortfalls of this method
  • Best practices in validating this model
Ivan Cilik
Matt J. Nitka
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