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As regulators pressure banks to provide implementation plans for the Financial Accounting Standards Board’s (FASB) current expected credit loss (CECL) standard, many institutions are struggling to determine their strategy. What steps need to be taken first? Who needs to be involved in the process? What should we outsource versus keep in-house?

Listen to our informative, on-demand webinar for a discussion about key steps in implementing the new credit loss standard and options for completing your implementation. An analysis is also provided to suggest recommendations for segmenting loan portfolios based on rational criteria that are aligned with risk characteristics, including a walkthrough of key analytics, data sets and more.

"Nearly a Third of Financial Institutions Still Undecided on CECL Implementation Methodology"

Key takeaways

  • Common loan portfolio segmentation issues under CECL.
  • Best practices in the loan segmentation process, including detailed analysis of the risk associated with each loan segment.
  • How to best leverage existing loan portfolio data in order to drill down into portfolio attributes and determine appropriate pool populations and limitations relative to the identified risks.

"27.3 percent of respondents answered “Don't know yet" to a poll question during the CECL implementation: loan segmentation webinar on July 19, 2018."

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