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Tableau Conference 2024

Baker Tilly is a proud sponsor of the Tableau Conference 2024 in San Diego. Join us at this year’s event to discover the latest Tableau innovations through interactive training and explore real-world stories about the impact of analytics on business.

Don’t miss our interactive speaking sessions!

The conference offers over 200 sessions to improve your data skills and empower your team. Attend one of our sessions to hear from Dan Bolinson, Baker Tilly Senior Manager and DataDev Ambassador, on how you can do more with your Tableau dashboards with Anvil X.

  1. Game on: dashboards can do more with Extensions and Python – Day 2, 2:30-3:10 p.m. and Day 3, 8:00-8:40 a.m. – Tableau Extensions can revolutionize how you build dashboards. Learn from real world use cases and get a crash course on building Extensions with Python and Anvil X.
  2. Unlock your dashboards with Python and Tableau Extensions – Day 2, 3:30-3:50 p.m. – Don’t miss a live demo of how to build Tableau Extensions with just Python. By leveraging real-time logging, error-handling and a drag-and-drop interface, building extensions is a data dev’s dream.

Attendees will leave with a clear understanding of what Extensions are, what they can achieve and a clear roadmap for getting started using Anvil X. Interested in learning more about Anvil X ahead of the conference? Let’s chat.

What’s #10for10?

Make sure to stop by our booth (215) to learn more about Anvil X and connect with the Baker Tilly team. Spend 10 minutes with us and we will donate $10 to Engineers Without Borders USA!

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Anvil X

Anvil X enables dashboard developers to extend their Tableau dashboards with Python, giving users the power to build exactly what they need and act directly in the dashboard.

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