The best dashboards incite action

Tableau dashboards are all about communicating information through data, and the best dashboards incite action. However, users must leave the dashboard to edit and refresh the source data, but not anymore. Anvil X by Anvil enables dashboard developers to extend their Tableau dashboards with Python, so users can adjust and enhance inputs directly in the dashboard.

Tableau with Anvil X

Typically, extending Tableau dashboards requires web developers and a serious budget. Anvil X lowers the barrier to entry and dashboard developers can build what they need right into their visualization using the Python skills they have today.

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How does it work?

Anvil X is a toolkit for building and deploying Tableau extensions entirely in Python and provides a framework and integrated development environment (IDE) for pure-Python full stack web development. It combines the rapid visual design of “low-code” tools with the power and flexibility of a code-first framework. Check out Anvil X in action.

Anvil X benefits

  • Pure Python full stack development
  • Transparent, real-time logging and error handling
  • Secure server environment, on-premises, private cloud or SAAS
  • One-click extension deployment
  • A modern, efficient development experience
  • Enterprise-ready user management and access controls
  • Extensive learning resources to get started
  • Full support and training packages available

Anvil X customer support

Let our team be part of yours.

At Baker Tilly, our support team is passionate about helping our customers succeed. We’re also passionate users of Anvil and Tableau. With deep knowledge and experience using the Anvil X platform, we are dedicated to building the capacity of your teams, so you can unlock the full potential of your investment.

Our customer support package includes three tiers: gold, silver and bronze. Each tier is designed to provide the right level of support and guidance to help you achieve organizational goals. All customers receive access to an online portal, which provides on-demand training videos, downloadable examples and more. You can also expect implementation support and consulting services for organizations deploying Anvil on-site or in a private-cloud, as well as in-person training, at your site or ours.

Whether you need hands-on training and guidance or a quick response to questions, our team is here to help you at every step.

  • Gold support
  • Silver support
  • Bronze support

Gold support

Designed for enterprise customers, the gold tier offers the highest level of support. You can expect a dedicated customer success manager who will work with you to ensure your success, including regular training courses covering requested topics by your team, weekly office hours and within-the-day question responses.

Silver support

While not as personalized as the gold tier, you’ll benefit from weekly training courses, office hours and timely responses (1-2 business days).

Bronze support

The bronze support tier is for those who are comfortable learning independently but want a helpline to avoid spinning their wheels. You’ll never wait more than 2 business days for inquiry responses.

Anvil X revolutionizes how we build and use Tableau dashboards. The framework makes it easy for developers to build exactly what they need and integrate dashboards into business processes, using just Tableau and Python – skills they already have. The result is dashboards that do more for organizations, and dashboard developers are empowered to be leaders in enhancing business processes.
Daniel Bolinson | 2023 Tableau DataDev Ambassador
Dan Bolinson

Example use-cases

  • Update Salesforce opportunities immediately from a “stale opportunities” dashboard
  • Provide a user interface to sophisticated machine learning model
  • Develop tools to create bottom-up sales forecasts
  • Flag, review and resolve suspect transactions entirely from within a dashboard
  • Manage and monitor material variances, capturing key explanations to improve future forecasts
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Press release

Baker Tilly and Anvil unveil Anvil X, a new platform for building Tableau dashboard extensions

Leading advisory CPA firm Baker Tilly US, LLP (Baker Tilly) and Python-based drag-and-drop web application builder (Anvil) announce Anvil X, a platform designed to help organizations using Salesforce’s Tableau software turn their dashboards into applications.

Still unsure, or want to learn more? Join us at an Anvil User Group to see how others are leveraging these tools to create powerful data products.

If you want to learn more about any of the above technologies, Baker Tilly can provide consultation regarding the services. Baker Tilly may receive financial considerations from these vendors in relation to the consultation. More information will be provided if you are interested in pursuing these technologies.