The emotional and economic toll after a natural disaster can be devastating.

When a catastrophic event occurs, know that Baker Tilly professionals have experience with previous disaster recovery work and are ready to assist. Our specialists have helped clients after hurricanes, oil spills, earthquakes and other catastrophes. 

Specific services available to help:


Business owners and organization executives

  • Business interruption, document reconstruction and forensic accounting services
  • Insurance policy reviews to understand coverage and the various risks (such as flood, business interruption, etc.) covered by different policy terms
  • Advanced payment requests to insurance companies
  • Financial impact assessments to quantify lost revenue and profits
  • Federal/state grant or loan application assistance
  • Business continuity planning
  • Construction risk management
  • Tax planning and compliance including tax credits and incentives


Government entities and not-for-profits receiving federal and state funding, including FEMA


Legal counsel with commercial or insurance litigation cases

What our clients say about us

For more information on our disaster recovery services, or to learn how Baker Tilly specialists can help you after experiencing a catastrophe, contact our team.

Transforming a housing community following Hurricane Katrina

Transforming a housing community following Hurricane Katrina

A Section 8 property with 15 buildings in Gulfport, Mississippi, was severely damaged by the hurricane. Today, the 120-unit apartment complex is a vibrant community.

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