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Tableau extension framework Anvil X peaks Python user interest at DataDev Day 2023

Forward-looking organizations are increasingly leveraging dashboards to communicate progress toward growth goals, identify trends and business opportunities, and mitigate risk. Because the role of Tableau dashboards is becoming more and more important, many organizations are seeking to extend their dashboards into extensive data tools with the ability to write back to source data, integrate advanced modeling techniques, and to tie dashboards into their overall technology ecosystem. Anvil X is the most effective way to equip your dashboarding team with these capabilities. The Tableau extension enables analysts to extend dashboards using Python, which is a language many analysts already know.

DataDev Day 2023: Build Tableau extensions in just Python with Anvil X

Baker Tilly’s Daniel Bolinson, senior manager and Anvil X specialist, had the opportunity to present the use cases of the Anvil X extension DataDev Day 2023. Daniel demoed Anvil X capabilities using the example of configuring inventory policies directly from a dashboard. This allows users to leverage their data in establishing inventory levels while layering in their unique insights into the business. In the event, Daniel built this example live, using just Python and leveraging Anvil X.

Visit the DataDev Day hub and watch the recording.

DatadevDAY Anvil X presentation

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