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Extend your Tableau dashboards using just Python

Can your dashboards do this? They can with Anvil X.

In this webinar, Dan Bolinson, senior manager at Baker Tilly shows how you can do more with your Tableau dashboards with Anvil X - using just Python. If you want to extend your Tableau dashboards you typically need web developers and a serious budget. Anvil X lowers the barrier to entry – dashboard developers can build what they need right into their visualization with the Python skills they have today. 

Anvil X is a toolkit for building and deploying Tableau extensions entirely in Python and provides a framework and integrated development environment (IDE) for pure-Python full stack web development. It combines the rapid visual design of “low-code” tools with the power and flexibility of a code-first framework. 

Dan shows viewers the power of Anvil X to incite action right in the dashboard. He shares use cases and examples of how Baker Tilly is leveraging the power of Anvil X for our clients.

Cory R. Wendt

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