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Relief Funding Assistance

Helping you navigate relief funding assistance for a stronger recovery

Have you been challenged with navigating the volume of COVID-19 information and prioritizing your efforts for future recovery? Baker Tilly can help you determine specific funding options for your organization to maximize reimbursement, assist with applications and help establish a foundation for compliance. We will act quickly to help make an objective current-state assessment, and provide practical relief funding assistance and recommendations to help you move your organization forward.

    Relief funding assistance

    Relief funding assistance process

    Conducting an assessment of available funding

    Baker Tilly will work with you to identify available funding sources for remuneration (e.g., extraordinary expenditures, one-time infrastructure expenditures, business interruption and lost revenue) and help you navigate the eligibility and application requirements. Specifically, Baker Tilly will review:

    • New or existing federal programs (e.g., federal stimulus relief programs, federal tax credits and other incentives passed in existing legislation)
    • Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) grant funding
    • Existing federal grant agreements
    • State or local funding options
    • Not-for-profit organization funding options
    • Potential other sources

    Additionally, we can provide assistance with establishing mechanisms for tracking, analyzing and reporting COVID-19-related expenditures and reimbursements.

    Navigating complex requirements in grant monitoring and disaster management compliance

    You will have confidence that your policies, procedures, internal controls and compliance angles are addressed so you can apply for these awards with confidence. Now is the time to prepare, and we are here to help.

    Gathering and documenting information for compliance – To assist with compliance of new or existing federal, state and local awards, Baker Tilly can:

    • Review current policies and procedures in place, and make recommendations for improvements to maximize efficiency and effectiveness of resources in order to align with new or existing compliance requirements
    • Establish policies, tools and templates that can be used in administering awards
    • Evaluate transactions for compliance and related internal controls

    Strategies to maximize recovery and maintain compliance: reviewing expense tracking and documentation for award management – Baker Tilly can perform an evaluation and assessment of your organization’s expense tracking system for costs incurred in connection with COVID-19, and ensure appropriate documentation exists to meet applicable requirements. We can also ensure that expenses are appropriately tracked and accounted for under each applicable program, allowing for maximum cost recovery.

    Other areas of compliance – In addition to eligible expense tracking, we will help you prepare for compliance with various other federal award requirements such as procurement, cash management and reporting. Drawing on our experience with performing federal award audits under the Uniform Guidance, we can help you prepare for the compliance audits that will follow these awards.

    Quantifying the impact of business interruption and disaster recovery

    In addition to grant monitoring and disaster management compliance services, Baker Tilly’s team of specialists provides a myriad of services relative to accounting, consulting and financial analysis in times of disaster recovery and business interruption. Our approach to the quantification of economic damages and financial review integrates accounting, economic and finance principles.