Diversity, inclusion and belonging

Our commitment

At Baker Tilly, we create an environment where every team member feels seen, heard, valued and connected. When we can bring our authentic selves to work each day, our contributions reflect our individual best, and our community is strong.

Throughout our firm, our approach to diversity, inclusion and belonging is embedded into everything we do.

Our three signature initiatives support our team members in creating a sense of belonging and foster conversations that effect change. GROW (Growth and Retention of Women) supports the attraction, development and advancement of women at Baker Tilly. SOAR (Supporting Opportunity, Advancement and Recognition) focuses on inclusion and career advancement for team members of color. NexGen helps discover and promote how four generations of team members can build rewarding relationships and advance our workplace, together.

We take local activation a step further with our team member networks, grassroots groups founded by our team members around common interests ranging from exercise and environmental activation to parenting and professional development.

Finally, our communities provide a space for team members to come together around shared identities. These include our Black, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) and "Latinx" communities.

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We create a sense of belonging for all team members

Belonging is a core Baker Tilly value. Each team member commits to upholding a workplace driven by fairness, compassion, equality and a deep level of mutual respect.