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Team members lead Baker Tilly Black Community

"Representation matters!"

Team members lead Baker Tilly Black Community

Communities are spaces within Baker Tilly that support targeted conversation, community-building and action among team members. When the concept of communities was launched, Matthew Paschall, real estate advisory group financial analyst, Clayton Graham, CFO advisory services consulting manager and Monique Caston, public sector consulting manager quickly joined together to take on the roles of co-leaders of the Baker Tilly Black Community.

"It can be challenging to work in an environment where you don't always see yourself represented,” shared Clayton. Monique echoed those thoughts. “Representation matters! This community is a great way to easily see and network with other team members that may have had similar professional experiences, that also look like me.”

With a focus on recruitment, hiring and retention of Black talent, to supporting each other’s personal growth to simply just building friendships – this community is all about belonging, and their mission statement says it well.

We are committed to empowering associates of the Black team member network by creating a space for Black authenticity, friendship, mentorship, sponsorship and professional/personal growth. We strive to provide a safe space for Baker Tilly professionals to build meaningful and valuable relationships with co-workers both inside and outside of the organization while authentically and unapologetically celebrating their Black heritage.

"Our agenda includes intellectual conversation around hot topics and current events, light-hearted conversation about things we find entertaining and opportunities to give back to our communities,” said Matthew.