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Strategic workforce planning in HR – moving from reactive to strategic

With nearly 10 million cases globally and over 2.3 million in the United States alone, COVID-19 has spread faster than anyone anticipated. The unprecedented shelter at home orders nationwide and an exponentially fast increase of unemployment has put extraordinary pressure on organizations to respond with a plan that prepares them for the downturn and recovery, and positions them for growth in the future. While these changes have put an enormous amount of stress on human capital, it is unlikely this will be the last disruption our economy sees. Because of this, it is imperative for HR leaders to start to think differently and have playbooks on how to execute in a multitude of scenarios so their organizations do not get caught standing flat footed.

Watch this webinar presented by Oracle and Baker Tilly, where we share strategic workforce management case studies of how some HR leaders have operated both pre-COVID-19 and during these unprecedented times. Attendees will learn how to prepare their organization for the path to recovery after COVID-19, as well as how to prepare for additional disruptions businesses may face in the future. During this webinar, we discuss:

  • The definition of strategic workforce planning
  • How organizations and HR leaders need to prepare for the strategic workforce planning function
  • How to execute on important skills gap closing processes within HR
  • Why it is critical for HR and Finance to collaborate and what is the most important data to share

Who should listen:

  • HR executives
  • Finance executives
  • Controllers
  • Financial planning analysts
  • VP of HR
  • Leaders of talent acquisition, talent management, learning and development, or merger and acquisition functions

Meet the presenters

Brad Fisher
Senior Manager, Workforce & Operations Cloud Services, Baker Tilly

Fabio Fukuda
Vice President, HCM Transformation, Oracle

David Zimmerman
Solution Architect, Workforce & Operations Cloud Services at Baker Tilly

Arun Surendran
Solution Architect, Strategic Cloud Services at Baker Tilly

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