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Migrate to the Oracle Cloud Redwood User Experience

With Baker Tilly's proven approach

Migrate to the Oracle Cloud Redwood User Experience

  1. Kayla Flint

    Kayla Flint


Oracle Cloud Redwood

Oracle Cloud Redwood User Experience brings a revolutionary user experience that reinvents how Oracle customers interact with technology. Leveraging machine learning, Oracle Cloud Redwood User Experience aims to elevate user satisfaction, streamline processes and empower organizations with user-centric technology advancements. These new elements, templates and services are designed to address various functions such as HR, finance, supply chain and sales.

All customers will be required to transition to Redwood. The transition to the Redwood experience is not passive and requires preparation and attention to details. This required shift presents an opportunity to optimize processes and user experiences and leverage new underlying Redwood tools.

Our solution architects will guide you through your journey to the Redwood User Experience. Through careful assessment, our team will recommend the best ways to optimize your Oracle Cloud Solutions.

Assessment and implementation methodology

Our proven assessment methodology will provide a platform for a successful migration to the Redwood user interface pages while minimizing risk and adverse impacts to your employees. Our assessment approach is a four-step guided evolution for a smooth Redwood adoption and continuous modernization of your Oracle Cloud platform. The figure below illustrates our approach:

The value of our offering

  • Evaluate
  • Optimize
  • Teach


Baker Tilly will review your Oracle Cloud environment and identify what will be impacted by the new Redwood User Experience.


Baker Tilly will diagnose what opportunities for improvement the new Redwood User Experience can bring to your existing functions and processes. Through careful consideration and collaboration, a plan to successfully implement these opportunities will be provided.


Baker Tilly will help your resources develop the knowledge and skills to become confident with the new underlying tools required for Redwood User Experience solutions.

Baker Tilly and Oracle

With over 400 successful implementations of Oracle Cloud technologies across HCM, ERP, EPM, SCM and Analytics, Baker Tilly is recognized as a strategic, enterprisewide, cloud partner to Oracle, engaging with clients that have complex business needs, and a strong desire to drive significant business value from technology enablement. We help clients strengthen their software investment and improve their business practices by modernizing and optimizing their strategies, processes and technology. Starting with an approach designed to drive adoption and sustainability, we help our clients successfully achieve their business initiatives. Business outcome is the end game, not simply the implementation of the tool.