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Unified solutions: Expanding the range of tax, advisory and assurance services in the Bay Area

Baker Tilly propels into a league of its own, combining ACG and True Partners Consulting, offering a holistic suite, global solutions, and client-focused advisory services.

Unified solutions: Expanding the range of tax, advisory and assurance services in the Bay Area

  1. Michael Chen

    Michael Chen


  2. Alan Chinn

    Alan B. Chinn

    CPA, J.D.


  3. Lynette Stolarzyk

    Lynette Stolarzyk

    J.D., LL.M.

    Managing Partner

In the dynamic landscape of the Bay Area market, the combination of ACG, LLP (ACG) and True Partners Consulting, LLC (TPC) has propelled Baker Tilly into a league of its own. In a candid conversation with partners, Michael Chen and Alan Chinn, managing partner Lynette Stolarzyk delves into the transformation, uncovering the depth and breadth of services now available to their clients.

A holistic approach: addressing technical challenges with ease

Alan Chinn, drawing from his experience of owning a tax practice, highlights the transformative impact of combining with Baker Tilly. In the past, addressing intricate technical tax issues was a challenge, often requiring a deep dive into uncharted territories.

"Now at Baker Tilly, we have the ability to reach out to specialty partners around the country in different areas, and that's been great for us. We can pass issues by our corporate group, gaining insights and perspectives that were unimaginable before."
Alan Chinn

The combination has endowed ACG and TPC with a wealth of resources, enabling the team to navigate multinational and international issues seamlessly. This holistic approach not only allows them to address tax matters thoroughly but, more importantly, with efficiency.

Speed and global resources: a game-changer

Michael Chen emphasizes the transformative impact on the speed and availability of resources. In a globalized business landscape, clients demand not only accuracy but also prompt responses. The combination with Baker Tilly has provided them with the ability to tap into resources worldwide, ensuring timely and value-driven solutions.

"Anytime you work with clients, they want answers yesterday. The ability to find resources in Germany, the UK, Dubai, or Korea, and have that at your fingertips adds true value to our clients."
Michael Chen

Beyond tax: a comprehensive suite of services

Beyond tax services, Baker Tilly offers a comprehensive suite that goes far beyond the traditional scope. Michael Chen highlights the expanded services, including audit, quality of earnings, valuation, compensation and benefits.

"Historically, True Partners was a tax-only firm. Now, being a one-stop shop, we can provide audit and tax services. Clients can come to us as a single service provider, offering tremendous value."
Michael Chen

Clients' advisory services: meeting diverse needs

Alan Chinn sheds light on the diverse needs of their client base, ranging from startup companies to publicly traded giants. The enriched services at Baker Tilly, especially in the accounting advisory realm, pave the way for additional support.

"Our client base includes early-stage companies that require a myriad of services. With the expanded services at Baker Tilly, it opens up avenues even more. We can now offer services like accounting advisory that were beyond our scope before."
Alan Chinn

Looking forward: elevating client advisory services

Alan Chinn discusses the evolving landscape of clients' needs. The incorporation of client advisory services, especially for early-stage companies, is becoming pivotal. Baker Tilly is well positioned to address these needs, providing comprehensive solutions that go beyond traditional tax services.

The combination with Baker Tilly has not only expanded the scope of services but has fundamentally transformed the approach to past challenges. It's a testament to the power of collaboration and the commitment to providing exceptional value to clients.

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