Business person leads a team meeting

Engaging our future leaders

Baker Tilly board members share their experiences with future leaders from our NexGen group.

The future leaders of Baker Tilly can likely be found in the employee resource group, NexGen. As one of our Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging and Societal Impact signature initiatives, NexGen focuses on intentional opportunities for cross-generational collaboration. Members from all generations join forces to create a connected workplace to support and learn from each other.

In 2023, the group hosted a popular panel discussion giving a behind-the-scenes look at the Baker Tilly Board of Partners. From new associates to partners, over 250 team members joined the virtual event to hear from four current board members and ask questions about what it’s like being on the board.

The panelists discussed their career paths leading up to becoming a board member; the selection process; their board responsibilities; how the board, CEO and senior leadership team work together (and how they differ); and their best advice for team members aspiring to be on the board.

The key takeaway was, if you envision a role on the board one day, to start asking questions now. Make sure you understand the big picture of who Baker Tilly is and what we do because decisions the board makes have decades of impact. 

Events like this help to break down barriers, provide insight and transparency around firm governance, and inform and inspire the next generation of Baker Tilly leaders.