Coworkers discuss strategy in an office lounge Oracle Cloud implementation just got easier with Baker Tilly Prescribed

Oracle Cloud implementation just got easier with Baker Tilly Prescribed

Mid-market organizations need a fast, easy start to HR success. A fast implementation means cutting costs, saving time, increasing return on investment and minimizing the commitment needed from your team. Baker Tilly’s Oracle Cloud practice recently developed Prescribed, an accelerated implementation methodology for Oracle Cloud HCM and Oracle Cloud ERP modules and functionality to support Oracle’s expedited implementation models. Learn directly from the consulting team about how this offering can benefit organizations like yours.

Q: Mid-size companies are working to attract, empower and retain top talent in today’s workplace. How does Baker Tilly Prescribed support these goals?

A: Let’s face it, attracting and retaining top talent takes time and effort from a limited pool of an organization’s specialized resources. The Baker Tilly Prescribed implementation approach minimizes dependencies on your specialists throughout the project so they can continue to focus on their primary responsibilities aimed at attracting new talent and retaining existing top talent. The very same audience can be rest assured that Baker Tilly’s leading practice solutions will enhance how they attract and retain top talent once Oracle Cloud is live as well as provide efficient processes and solutions so they can focus on value-add activities for your organization.

Q: What are some sample business challenges that companies may be facing that would lead them to this implementation methodology?

A: There are many reasons why Prescribed may be the right fit as an Oracle Cloud deployment approach for organizations. Some examples include but are not limited to:

  • Sudden growth from small to mid-sized company
  • Newly enforced compliance/regulatory required with reliance on macro and micro analytics
  • Minimal automation of the tracking and maintenance of data
  • Thin and nimble workforce with limited experience transforming business processes leveraging cloud technology

Q: Implementation costs can be complicated. What can companies expect with Prescribed?

A: By selecting the Prescribed implementation approach, your organization empowers Baker Tilly’s process and technology specialists to independently deploy best in product and industry solutions. This in turn minimizes efforts from both the Baker Tilly team and your specialists throughout the design phases of the project. As a result, the project timeline is condensed and the overall efforts to deliver your final Oracle Cloud solutions are reduced.

Q: Business needs are constantly changing. How does Baker Tilly Prescribed support growth areas?

A: A primary goal of the Prescribed implementation approach is to stand up minimally viable Oracle Cloud solutions. Throughout the project, Baker Tilly intentionally shares recommendations for future phase Oracle Cloud expansions and develops a digital roadmap to complement confirmed upcoming priorities for growth areas.

Q: Once a company begins to work with Baker Tilly with their implementation, what training can their team members expect? How does BT see a successful relationship through the process?

A: The ultimate goal is for a successful and smooth transition to your new Oracle Cloud applications and that is rooted in ensuring your resources are prepared for their new world come go-live. As with any implementation, during Prescribed, we continuously teach your future administrators, so they are comfortable and confident in supporting and updating the configured solutions for your business needs. Additionally, our testing phase in Prescribed acts as training for your end users as they will have hands on keys, executing the defined business processes and transactions in Oracle Cloud. Testing is comprised of multiple test cycles to confirm the system is working as expected and as designed but given that most processes will be Prescribed through Baker Tilly’s proven design and configuration, testing will also focus on getting your end users comfortable with completing their tasks in Oracle Cloud.

Q: How do companies know if Baker Tilly Prescribed, Jump Start or Harmonize approach is right for them?

A: At Baker Tilly, we don’t believe there is a “one size fits all” Oracle Cloud implementation approach, we believe there is “one size that fits you”. If our Prescribed methodology doesn’t feel like the right “fit”, then contact us to learn more about our other Oracle Cloud implementation approaches referred to as Jump Start and Harmonize. We are flexible in how we work with our clients and want to collaborate on an approach that feels good and is appropriate based on your profile.

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