The federal government is pushing its contractors to purchase off large Government-Wide Acquisitions Vehicles (GWAC) and Multiple Award Contracts (MAC). These vehicles provide competitive pricing and pre-qualify sellers for the federal market, enabling faster acquisition. With this push, contractors want a seat at the table.

Increasingly, “scorecard” solicitations have become the preferred method for select federal agencies to eliminate offerors from competition that do not meet agency needs. Scorecards weigh numerous evaluation factors necessary to secure contract awards — from project experience, past performance ratings, business systems, certifications and clearances.

Beyond the vetting of project and technical experience, one important way the government ensures efficient and effective acquisition on these vehicles is through business system requirements typically reserved for large defense contractors. Some contractors may not be familiar with these regulations, especially small- and medium-sized businesses.

How can Baker Tilly help?

As your Value Architect™, Baker Tilly can help you navigate the complexities of these scorecard procurements. We are familiar with the self-scoring methodology employed for complex GWAC vehicles like Alliant 3, OASIS+, NASA SEWP and others. These types of acquisitions place maximum burden on the offeror to prove that they have the requisite experience and capabilities to meet government requirements. Companies are working diligently to prepare qualified, high-scoring proposals within the allotted timeframe. Timely, accurate and responsive proposals will be critical to moving through the phased evaluation process set forth by government in the RFP.

Whether an offeror is seeking support in making a bid/no-bid decision or would like assistance with ‘soup-to-nuts’ proposal preparation, we offer tailor-made assistance to address your unique needs. Additionally, Baker Tilly has a well-established methodology for third-party review of business systems. Our reports have been included in client proposals as evidence of client system acceptability for many years. We are business system specialists ready to assist in the following areas:

• Scorecard/RFP readiness - Do you know your company’s readiness? Find out more now
• Proposal support and preparation
• Proposal compliance assessment
• Business system readiness assessment
• Third party review/validation of RFP-specified business systems

As a government contractor, familiarity with government regulations is essential. When you require assistance navigating the complexities of scorecard and RFP readiness, proposal preparation, compliance assessment and third-party review procurements, look to Baker Tilly. Whether you are a new government contractor or a skilled professional, we can guide you through the self-scoring methodology employed for complex GWAC vehicles.

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