Digital advertising agency receives valuation and fairness opinion as part of freeze-out merger

Client need

Our client was a digital advertising and marketing agency that delivered e-commerce services to fashion, luxury and retail businesses. Following the loss of a major customer and departure of a few key managers, the company began developing cash flow problems. Its largest investor and controlling shareholder, a European family office, wished to protect itself from early investors and the company’s founders when a down round of financing was the company’s only viable funding strategy. The reason for the controlling shareholder’s concern was that one of its family-owned businesses was the largest customer of the company, having outsourced all of its digital marketing initiatives to the company.

Baker Tilly Capital solution*

Working with other advisors, Baker Tilly Capital was hired to prepare a valuation for the company and conduct a fairness opinion in connection with a freeze-out merger being put forth by the company’s largest investor and controlling shareholder.


Our team’s comprehensive analysis indicated little, if any, economic value left in the company. Ultimately, the freeze-out merger was completed successfully with none of the company’s minority shareholders protesting the end result.

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* Services provided by Curtis Securities, LLC, which merged with Baker Tilly Capital, LLC

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