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Beyond borders: navigating HR and payroll compliance challenges of a changing workforce

The COVID-19 pandemic, “The Great Resignation” and the turbulent economy have resulted in a “new normal” work environment, challenging us to rethink how we work, where we work and who we work with across all industries, especially higher education. In this engaging webinar, we discuss various topics connected to changing higher education work settings, including the current employment market and talent acquisition and retention strategies, as well as institutional risks to consider. Additionally, we take a deep dive into the increasing remote workforce trends and technology as college and university employees seek to work with the same institution but live elsewhere.

To go there, we discuss key compliance and policy issues and costs for institutions that are considering allowing their employees to work in other states. Our team presents a client case study of one university that took a close look at these evolving workplace trends and implemented significant changes to align their operations with employee expectations.

After watching this webinar, you will have a better understanding of critical considerations and costs when allowing employees to work remotely.

Key takeaways

  1. Recognize current workforce/workplace challenges, including staffing issues in higher education
  2. Discover strategies to recruit, retain and manage talent
  3. Identify remote work environment risks and strategies to maintain compliance
  4. Gain insight into key compliance issues and policy development considerations when hiring remote and/or out-of-state employees

Presenters and subject matter specialists

  • Larry Mohr, CPA, MBT, Tax Principal, Higher Education
  • Katlyn Andrews, CIA, Senior Manager, Higher Education Risk Advisory
  • Deanna Kempinski, SPHR, Senior Manager, Human Resources Consulting

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Employer State Compliance Roadmap

The Employer State Compliance Roadmap is a subscription-based resource guide designed to provide access to each state’s human resources (HR) and payroll compliance requirements.

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