Auto insurer trades ATS for Oracle HCM Cloud Talent Acquisition
Case Study

Auto insurer trades ATS for Oracle HCM Cloud Talent Acquisition

Auto insurer trades ATS for Oracle HCM Cloud Talent Acquisition
Case Study

Auto insurer trades ATS for Oracle HCM Cloud Talent Acquisition

Client background

The second-largest private passenger auto insurance company in the United States that employs over 40,000 people, serves more than 13 million private passenger customers and insures 22 million+ vehicles.

The business challenge

After years of customizations to their existing on-premise solution, the organization was facing significant investments in the software and resource commitments needed to support and maintain their Applicant Tracking System (ATS). To eliminate the mounting cost to maintain the existing system, the leaders decided it was time to move their talent acquisition system to the cloud.

The HRIS Team had years of experience implementing and supporting their on-premise ATS but lacked familiarity and expertise with implementing their newly purchased Oracle Cloud modules: Sourcing, Recruiting, Onboarding and Business Intelligence. 

Guiding principles of the initiative were to ensure a positive candidate experience while implementing a single technology platform across 16 operational regions covering three main employment areas: call center positions, professional positions and leadership positions. The call center solution needed to be both flexible and efficient to allow them to continue to meet their typical call center application volumes of 30,000 per month.

The Baker Tilly approach

Following an extensive vendor evaluation process, Baker Tilly was selected to assist with the implementation of Oracle’s HCM Cloud Talent Acquisition functionality. Working closely with the company’s HRIS and HR teams, Baker Tilly:

  • Streamlined processes across all HR regions while maintaining flexibility to support, where appropriate, functional variations and needs for data segmentation. 
  • Recommended a more advanced sourcing approach in order to source talent more broadly, matching hiring opportunities based upon outputs from their screening techniques. 
  • Implemented scheduling center functionality to support high-volume self-service interview scheduling.
  • Completed a legacy data migration from the existing ATS and integrations with six different Oracle validated “passport” partners. 
  • Leveraged a train the trainer methodology, visiting with each regional recruiting team in person. 

Business impact

This project enabled the following key business improvements:

  • Improved candidate experience: Candidates can easily search open positions using a variety of search categories and career oriented landing pages. Then they are presented with a dynamic application experience based on the position they are applying for.
  • Improved recruiter experience: Recruiters and hiring managers can easily access the positions they support as well as extend visibility to other teams and regions. The development of multiple candidate selection workflows for different job types makes for real time access to information in multiple views and the ability to initiate reference or background checks within one system.
  • Improved onboarding experience: A new level of automation around workflow management, new hire management and online forms data capture provides a more efficient and positive experience for new associates. It also removes the administrative burden of extensive new hire paperwork, ensuring that the tracking, completion, collection and submittal of necessary forms are filed for personnel, regulatory and audit purposes.
  • Reporting and analytic capabilities: Via dashboards, the company has real time visibility into the health of its pipelines and the ability to easily track, monitor and report important metrics, such as time in process (TIP).
  • Regional variability:  All affiliates have the ability to leverage a common process model with common candidate selection workflow, candidate experience, job templates and internal job searches. Unique offer letter templates, correspondences and forms can be utilized to enable a more localized experience for teams and candidates. 
  • Through a comprehensive knowledge transfer, the company’s team is prepared to efficiently manage the system going forward and implement new enhancements and configurations.

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