A move towards purposeful, impactful learning and development

A move towards purposeful, impactful learning and development

Millennials are entering the workforce with optimism and energy – full of ambition and believing they can achieve all of their aspirations with the right opportunities, experiences and training. As a result, employers are adjusting their employment value proposition to focus on what matters most for these younger workers.

As demonstrated by improved attraction and retention metrics, millennials appreciate an employer that makes critical investments in learning and development (L&D). And it must be delivered in a way that is purposeful, impactful, and most importantly, modern -- like the rest of their technology-fueled lives.

Providing L&D in the same fashion as they always have, won’t be enough for organizations to attract and retain millennials.    

Listen to find out what’s important to millennials as they enter the workforce and the changes your organization may need to make to its learning and development practices in order to attract, grow, and retain them.


Tracey Racette Fritcher, Director
Human Capital Services

Alexandra Wernette, Consultant
Human Capital Services

Note: This is a recording of the presentation given at HCM Central @ Oracle OpenWorld

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