Heather Herc

Heather L. Herc

Heather is a director with Baker Tilly who has been with the firm since 2011. She has more than 10 years of experience in the healthcare industry, specializing in value-based reimbursement methodology, technology transformation, provider analytics and insight generation. In her career with Baker Tilly, she has led a number of teams responsible for analytics and insight development and system integration on a series of multiyear projects with a major health plan focused on implementation of FFV Contracts.

  • Heather has led multiple project teams through custom implementations of vended software focused on the deployment of new cloud-based healthcare analytics platforms intended to expand quality management, analytics and reporting capabilities for providers by managing quality and risk score calculations and related insights, ultimately helping transform how the client supports and collaborates with healthcare providers
  • She provided strategic program leadership focused on budget management, release planning, process and system integration and change management to client business stakeholders on a multiyear, multimillion dollar provider data quality optimization project intended to improve claims pricing and encounter submission accuracy across government lines of business
  • Heather recently orchestrated a series of interoperability rule planning workshops which focused on topics including digital identity and security management, FHIR infrastructure and API management, data preparation for integration, and related business readiness activities. Information from the workshops was synthesized into a detailed implementation release plan that will support our client in achieving interoperability rule compliance
  • Heather was also a key member of a multiphase project team focused on technology transformation within the claims processing system ecosphere, focused on financial contract business rules implementation and administration
  • She has significant data analysis experience across many different types of healthcare information including provider, membership enrollment, authorizations, claims, encounters, prescriptions and labs
  • She also has experience across the healthcare reimbursement continuum, including fee-for-service, quality outcomes-based performance bonuses, and fee-for-value population health methodologies


Chicago, IL


Bachelor of Business Administration in organizational management
Bachelor of Arts in Spanish
University of Minnesota, Duluth

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Effective strategies for health plan network management