Two men plan supply chain operations at a warehouse

Supply Chain Strategy, Planning & Optimization

We can help you optimize, realign, and build resilient supply chain and operations. 


Challenging economic conditions are driving businesses to evaluate the resiliency and efficacy of their supply chains, manufacturing sourcing, and supply networks. Businesses need to mitigate risks, improve operations, reduce costs and take action more rapidly than ever.

    Our solutions

    As global and domestic supply chain complexity grows, organizations need to understand their end to end supply chain and operations. This will help you manage risks and opportunities to properly adapt and prepare for the future.

    Baker Tilly’s strategic advisory services can help your organization optimize, realign and build resilient supply chains and operational environments focused on driving value for your clients and customers.


    • Supply chain resiliency evaluation, planning and improvement
    • Supply network optimization and design
    • Site location analysis
    • Supplier/sourcing strategy
    • Manufacturing strategy
    • Product mix analysis and optimization
    • Customer segmentation and cost-to-serve analysis
    • Inventory and working capital optimization
    • Process improvement
      – Demand forecasting and planning
      – Manufacturing planning
      – Distribution and inventory planning
      – Sourcing and procurement
    • Applied solutions
      – Sales and operation planning technologies
      – Advanced supply chain analysis
      – Automation/robotic process automation (RPA)
      – Integration strategy

    Our team of professionals are ready to help you reassess, redefine and optimize your supply chain and operations.