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Scenario Planning

As organizations begin to plan for recovery, they do so with continued uncertainty and ongoing change. Given this extraordinary level of unease, it will be important to continue to monitor key indicators, including the growth rate, spread and timing of COVID-19 cases, and broad economic factors. All while managing your customers, suppliers and employees, and implementing social and regulatory guidance alongside “next norms."

Assembling a leadership group and information hub focused on recovery and growth will provide the transparency and agility required for effective scenario planning, adapting and implementing strategic and tactical actions based on changing indicators and assumptions.

For businesses to be successful in mapping a future course of action in this fluid environment, we recommend using a strategic scenario planning process, allowing your organization to make assumptions on how the crisis will play out, and how your environment and key factors may change over time. This helps to develop a set of tactical and strategic actions to address the uncertainties as they become realities.

Baker Tilly's strategic scenario planning process