rwdNOW™ for Pinpoint Targeting & Market Access Activation

Baker Tilly understands the challenges life sciences organizations face when trying to achieve commercial success, including the struggles of understanding the current market while also predicting future changes. To help companies achieve their overarching goals and to aid in their market access strategy and product adoption efforts, our team of specialists created rwdNOW™, a real-world data (RWD) tool to help life sciences organizations better understand current market access opportunities and changes.

    Highlights of rwdNOW

    Baker Tilly has a history of leveraging real-world data to identify clinical and economic opportunities to drive product value within the marketplace. With the help of rwdNOW, we are able to help enhance your market access strategy through a variety of unique features.

    Supported by multiple real-world datasets: Each dataset that powers rwdNOW offers a plethora of patient and facility data that can support various healthcare utilization and economic analyses. These data sets, which includes traditional Medicare and commercial claims data, consist of:

    • Medical and pharmaceutical utilization details
    • Facility details, including site of service and specialty details
    • Reimbursement details (including patient responsibility)
    • Patient clinical and demographic characteristics

    Customizable features: rwdNOW is fully customizable, helping you and your life sciences organization answer key questions to enhance and enrich your business as well as your market access strategy. Our metrics can be trended over time and layered with additional patient and facility characteristics to capture shifts within the market, which can help you and your organization better understand unique sub-populations.

    These customizable features include:

    • Therapeutic or condition specific filters
    • Place of service and provider specialty
    • Patient demographic and insurance characteristics
    • Patient referral patterns
    • Patient, facility and physician costs and margins

    Accessibility: rwdNOW is a customized self-service tool that is available 24/7 for you and your organization to use.

    Support and usability: rwdNOW has been designed in a user-friendly, easy-to-use interface. In addition, the features of the tool allows you and your colleagues to connect with one of Baker Tilly’s market access specialists.